Our Facts

Our Facts

To give initial importance for customer satisfaction,

To determine customer needs with utmost accuracy,

By establishing a qualified logistics support infrastructure and by expanding its supply channels to improve service quality and thus, to maintian continuous customer satisfaction,

To render a continuous high quality service with the aim of using quality assurance systems during working processes,

To establish cost advantage and competitive price opportunites through running economies of scope,

To give utmost importance for labour/staff health condition and to adopt “on the job safety” in each phase of the working process and to maintain continuous respect for “environmental responsibilities,

To give utmost importance for a smooth business ethics and frankness, to be honest and fair,

To provide an alternative platform to our customers enabling them to forward their secondary business there in order to let them spare their precious times and sources to their main businesses,

To coorperate with the customers with the aim of diagnosing, analysing and solving the problems. To be a partner while problems’ solution,

To obtain maximum effectiveness with the minimum cost,

To audit and monitor our services periodically to provide a continuous high quality and effectiveness,