Istanbul Vessel Anchorage Area Vessel Monitor Operations

This service consists of Monitoring and Reporting (to the Agent) operations performed for the vessels at Istanbul Anchorage area or for the ones drifting off Sivriada area. Operations, are as; reporting of positions of the drifting vessels off Sivriada, reportings of BunkerProvisionsFresh Water supply operations (Anchoring, Commence and Completions of Supplies and Heaving Up Anchor times of Barges, Delivered Quantities etc.) or reporting of extraordinary events to the Agents.

Operation details as follow; Istanbul anchorage area and 20 miles away off Istanbul Strait are under the control of Istanbul Vessel Traffic Control System (VTS) and all vessels enter this area are subject to contact VTS over VHF and obey the instructions given by them (--Turkish Straits Vessel Traffic Regulations Article). Bosphorus traffic control consists of 4 main sectors. Southern Bosphorus is called “Sector Kadikoy”(VHF Channel 14), inside the Bosphorus is called “Sector Kandilli” (VHF Channel 12) and “Sector Kavak” (VHF Channel 13), and Northern Bosphorus is called “Sector Turkeli” (VHF Channel 11). Vessels establish VHF contact with the Bosphorus VTS, Sector Kadikoy over VHF 14 when they are coming from Aegean or Marmara Sea and tells about their intention (either going to anchorage area or drifting off Sivriada – under the condition of drifting away off Bosphorus separation scheme in order not to cause hazardous events - ). GEMTAC operations begins with the monitoring of the vessels – which we are appointed as sub-agents - via listening to the VHF Channel 14, 24 hours in a day. Vessels first contact with Istanbul VTS over VHF are is recorded to the GEMTAC AUTOMATION system. If vessel decides drifting, then drift commence/completion times, or has if vessel Supply Operation at drift, then supply times, if vessel has launchboat contact at drift then Launchboat Alongside and Away times and finally Bosphorus entrance times are reported to the vessel’s Agent via e-mail. If vessel decides to go anchorage, then her first VTS contact time, anchoring and heaving up anchor time, her supply times and details – if any -, if she has bunker or fresh water supply then barge alongside and away times and quantities delivered, and finally, her Boshporus entrance time, Pilot Boats’ alongside time and her ETA to next port are recorded in the GEMTAC AUTOMATION system and reported to the Agents in the way that Agent instructs.