Ship Owners, Agents, ProvisionStore Suppliers, Repair Maintenance Companies

Ship Owners, Agents, ProvisionStore Suppliers, Repair  Maintenance Companies

This service consists of the launchboat contacts for the provision and store / supplies / items / Spare Parts delivery, crew change, transfer of the technicians for maintenance that are instructed by Agents. First phase of the vessel operations begin with the vessel’s contact over VHF. These vessels are firstly recorded in our log and then taken into the service plan according to the conditions (Vessel arrival date hour, Duration of the delivery time of provisions, spares etc and weather conditions). Deliveries reached to Gemtac are firstly prepared to the next steps of the operation depending on their collection, loading, discharging order (T:2) conditions. Documents and certificates (that are required for Official Bodies) are delivered to customers or related parties accordingly. Documents or certificates delivered vessel (or vice versa) via GEMTAC are not recorded in the GEMTAC operations log book but they are collected / delivered in a sticked and closed envelope and then consigned / collected.


-Safety is on the utmost importance during Pier Operations
-Pier staff are subject to inform possible hazardous operations to their supervisor before operation begins.
-Staff have to use protective tools during operations
-Pier staff are subject to comply with the instructions of the pier supervisors or vessel operations officers.
-Items arrived in the Pier are enumerated by the Pier Staff during receipt.
-Delivery bill is signed by Pier Staff, stamped by the vessel operation officer with the verbal confirmation of Pier Staff and one copy is given back to the one that brings the bill. Rest of the copies are kept in the file in order to be signed by the master during delivery.
-Items received by enumerating are recorded in the Pier Log Book with complete quantity.
-Items/Supplies are stored on a proper place on the Pier with the stickers reflecting related vessel’s name after recording into the log book by Pier Staff
-Items in the log book can only be recorded by Pier Staff
-Pier Staff subject to hand over daily operations and informations to the next Shift staff without any missings.
-Pier Staff are responsible for the any damages done to the items/supplies/spare parts during loading or discharging.
-GEMTAC, namely, all Pier Staff, Operations Officers and Launchboat Crew are responsible for the safety and properly storage of the delivered / collected items.
-Delivered / Collected items are stored on the Pier platform unless they require any other proper storage (caused by weather conditions, cool storage requirements etc...)
-Crane operater and Forklift operater are subject to pay utmost attention during loading and discharging of the items. They are responsible for the any damage / harm occurs.
-Stowage and safety of the cargo / items ( which varies upto the weather conditions, cargo types etc..) on launcboat are kept under the responsibility of Boat Captain and Crew. Furtermore, crew subject to check items’ label / stickers.
-During delivery / collection operations “Safety” is of utmost importance. Boat Captain is responsible for the Safety of the Crew / Passenger on boat, therefore, he is subject to consult his supervisors in order to establish safety on board.
-Boat crew are subject to act according to the Safety Checklist in urgency.
-Pier Staff and Boat Crew are responsible for the checking of Palletes, Slings,Launcher’s fastness during loading / discharging.