Vessel Inward/Outward Clerance Operations

Related Corporations: Istanbul Customs and Customs Guard Headquarter, Rebuplic of Turkey General Directorate of Health For Border and Coastal Areas, Related Harbour Masters.

a.Inward Clearance: Operation performed for the vessels stayin at Istanbul Port Limits more than 48 hours. To initiate inward clearance operations, application letters requesting “inward clearance” should be sent to Customs Guard Headquarter, Sea- Ports Branch Directorate, General Directorate of Health For Border and Coastal Areas. Officers from above mentioned official bodies and Agent’s Representative goes on board for the required inward clearance operations to be performed. Agents Representative’s existence required for the communication between Crew and the Officers (Authority).

b.Outward Clearance: Operation performed when vessels bounded for any other port. Same procedures are applied as it was mentioned above in Inward Clearance. Officer(Authority) performs this time Outward Clearance and converts vessel status into Transit.