Vessel Crew Change Operations

This service consists of the crew change services for the vessels that we are appointed as sub-agents. GEMTAC performs meeting and the transportation of the crew as per instructions given by the Agents.

Transportations performed by our Fiat Doblo or by other rented cars / vans when needed.

On signing crew are met at the Airport and Transit Visa for Seaman is obtained only for once (Ok to Board applications are performed by the Agent). Seaman with Transit Visa are accomodated in a hotel as per instruction given by the Agent.

Crew are picked up from hotel soon before vessel arrives in Istanbul Roads and sent to the related official bodies with our representative for Signing On formalities completion. For the Off Signing crew, same formalities are performed for the repatriation right after they disembarked. After formalities’ completion, transportation to the hotel or airport are performed according to the schedule.

Required Vessel Certificates for Crew Change:

Minimum Safe Manning Certificate
International Ship Security Certificate
Continuous Synopsis Record (CSR)
Safety Equipment Certificate
One copy of Crew List
Personal Details of the Signing On/Off Crew
Endorsements of the Crew if they are Officers.
Health Check-Up of the Crew if they are Turk.

GEMTAC keeps all of the documents/certificates’ copies in its related files according to the related procedures.